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Angélica Hernández

Welcome to my page!

I am a bilingual writer (Spanish-English). 

I write stories for children and also for teenagers and adults.

Churro portada final.jpg

Churro a happy little dog - a happy little dog (Bilingual children's book)


The Princess of the Charro Booties and other stories

(Spanish short stories 13+)



Churro portada final.jpg

Churro un perrito feliz - a happy little dog (Bilingual children's book)

¡Cómo he crecido! - How have I grown!

(Bilingual book for babies and up)


The Princess of the Charro Booties and other stories

(Spanish short stories 13+)

Las ladies portada.png

Las Ladies de la Gloriosa Prepa Equis

(Spanish short stories)

Libros favoritos
Shadow on Concrete Wall

My favourite books

Throughout my life there have been great writers who have inspired me. The following is a short list of my favorite books that I recommend to you.

Un viejo que leía novelas de amor - Luis Sepúlveda

Bodas de Sangre - Federico García Lorca

Los cuervos están de luto - Hugo Argüelles

Donde el corazón te lleve - Susanna Tamaro

Como agua para chocolate - Laura Esquivel

El llano en llamas - Juan Rulfo

Mi negro pasado - Laura Esquivel

Bestiario - Julio Cortazar

La semana de colores - Elena Garro

Las niñas bien - Guadalupe Loaeza

Top 10 of my favorite songs

I am very auditory. Music has a fundamental role in all aspects of my life. Here is a list of 10 of my favorite songs. It does not have a specific order. I highly recommend them, the name of the song and the artist are included.

Pasaba por aquí  - Luis Eduardo Aute

(Just like) Starting over - John Lennon

Pobrecito mi patrón - Facundo Cabral

Coincidir - Carlos Diaz "Caito"

Christmas Jazz - Trans-Siberian Orchestra

El Noa Noa - Juan Gabriel

Y sin embargo - Joaquín Sabina

L'encre de tes yeux - Francis Cabrel

Have you ever seen the rain? -Creedence Clearwater Revival

Dormir Soñando - El Gran Silencio

Canciones Preferidas

About me


I am a bilingual writer and educator. I am originally from Monterrey, México. I have a B.A. in Spanish, a Master's Degree in Education, and a M.A. in Spanish.

Writing is my passion, I write since I was a child. I am a great essay writer. Prose is the genre that I like the most.

My writing style is simple, natural and fun, I write about  everyday themes, from which many people can identify.

I see writing as a  cathartic process where every person can progress and grow. 

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